Kabir Bedi

Bianca Gerlich and Kabir Bedi, 2002

Kabir Bedi and Bianca Gerlich, 2019

16.1.1946: Birth in Lahore (British-India), Father from Indian, Mother from England, 2 siblings.

1968 - 1973: Marriage to the Indian Protima, who was killed in a landslide, daughter Pooja (1970), son Siddharta (1972), who committed suicide at the age of 26

1971: first Hindi film, over 30 Hindi films in total, but always focused on theater.

1972: Kabir Bedi in Mumbai as a theater actor, he also made commercials.

1976: with "Sandokan" he became known in Europe.

1979: Marriage to the Englishwoman Susan Humphreys, son Adam (is also an actor).

1983: as Gobinda in the James Bond film "Octopussy".

Guest roles in USA series.

1992 - 2005: married to Nikki Vijaykar.

2016: Marriage to Parveen Dusanj.

2019: Prize for his life's work at the 8th Cineways International Festival in Wolfsburg

Member: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), Equity Actors Union and Cine Artists Association.

Supporter of the anti-government movement in Myanmar, is the official ambassador of the Burma Campaign UK. Also ambassador for Rotary International South Asia ("Teach Program and the Total Literacy Mission in India and South Asia").

Kabir Bedi currently resides in Mumbai.

2021: Publication of his book "Stories I must tell - The Emotional Life of an Actor" - Here for my book review!