Sandokan-Exhibition 2021

In the Muciv - that is the Museo delle Civiltà in Rome (Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 14, 00144 Roma) - the long-prepared exhibition on Sandokan is to be opened this year: "Nel mondo di Sandokan - Tributo a Emilio Salgari", ie "In The World of Sandokan - Tribute to Emilio Salgari ". The background is that the museum is in possession of weapons that Rajah Charles Brooke (the nephew of James Brooke, the White Rajah of Sarawak) gave to the King of Italy. These 19th century weapons from Borneo are of course the kind of weapons used by Sandokan and should therefore be presented in connection with him. Of course, the exhibition is about much more than just the weapons. So let's dive into the Far Eastern world of Sandokan! The pictures published on the museum's website are very promising, see one of them on the left.

As a foretaste there is already a "small exhibition" in the shopping center "Euroma2" in Rome, of course in cooperation with the museum.

Here is a picture from the shopping center, and below a text translated by me for the pre-exhibition in "Euroma2":

“In the world of Sandokan”. In the footsteps of the Malaysian tiger

Euroma2 presents the preview of the exhibition. A fascinating journey through history, imagination and literature

Press Release - November 21, 2020

Euroma2, in collaboration with Muciv, proposes the preview of the exhibition-event that will be set up at the Museum of EUR Civilizations in 2021, entitled: "Nel Mondo di Sandokan - Tributo a Emilio Salgari" ("In the world of Sandokan. Tribute to Emilio Salgari").

The section on display inside the Euroma2 Shopping Center starting from mid-November, is entirely dedicated to the Indo-Malay culture which is the culture of the figure of Sandokan, the "Tiger of Malaysia", the character born from the pen of the famous writer of novels of adventure Emilio Salgari, and who then gave life to the successful RAI TV series of the 70s, starring Kabir Bedi.

The exhibition consists of a series of exhibition panels that show and explain the precious ethnographic material: a succession of images and descriptions of the weapons and tools used at the time accompanies the public's walk in the Gallery on the ground floor.

The collection of objects of the Dayak tribe of Malaysian Borneo, portrayed in unpublished photos, exhibited at Euroma2, comes from the second white rajah of Sarawak, Sir Charles Brooke, who donated them to the King of Italy in 1898, then transmitted to the Royal Prehistoric-Ethnographic Museum Pigorini.

An extraordinary exhibition, the one that will be presented at Muciv in 2021, anticipated by the journey in stages recreated at Euroma2, aimed at restoring the knowledge of cultures that have now disappeared and recreating the atmosphere of an era, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, in which Emilio Salgari's major protagonists lived.

Over 400 objects will be presented in the Muciv exhibition, to allow an accurate reconstruction of the contexts told by Salgari: kris, parang, shields, sumpitan, nineteenth-century models of boats and houses, headgear, masks, figures of ancestors, musical instruments and much other.

An event designed to celebrate the figure of the famous Veronese writer in the capital, inventor of fantastic and amazing stories and feats, set in places so far away from us and full of mystery.

With the exhibition dedicated to the world of Sandokan, Euroma2 continues its important collaboration with Muciv and its commitment to the creation of social and cultural initiatives.

EUROMA2 Via Cristoforo Colombo, angolo Viale dell’Oceano Pacifico (Roma)

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