CV of Bianca M. Gerlich

1967: born in Braunschweig / Germany.

1979: "Sandokan" with Kabir Bedi (seen on TV)

1981: for the first time reading a Salgari novel in German language ("Sandokan - King of the Seas")

1982: Learned Malaysian via correspondence course

1985: learned Italian; Trip to Rome, acquisition of many Italian Salgari books

1986: graduation from high school at the "Ricarda-Huch-Schule" high school in Braunschweig

1986 - 1989: Teacher training in Braunschweig with the first state examination

1991: 2nd state examination

1991 - 1996: Study of Austronestics at the University of Hamburg (seminar for Indonesian and South Sea languages ​​"), degree Magistra Artium 1996;

1991: Existence of Mompracem Island and the tiger flag discovered

1992: First trip to Malaysia, acquaintances in Marudu

1993: Erasmus grant to study at SOAS in London

August 1993: International Guest of Honor at the celebration of the Malaysian National Day (Kuching, TV recording),

August 11, 1993: Learned about Sandokan's historical existence in Marudu

December 1993: Participation in the international recitation competition in Kuala Lumpur (for Germany)

1994: Trip to Italy, conversation with Prof. Dr. Santa Maria in Rome concerning the historical Sandokan, planning a publication

1995: Lectures in Berlin and Cologne on Sandokan, publication of an article on the historical Sandokan in German

December 1995: again participation in the international recitation competition in Kuala Lumpur (for Germany)

1996: Publication on Sandokan in Italian language

1998: Publication on Sandokan in English language

1999: Creation of

2000: PhD with "Marudu 1845 - The Destruction and Reconstruction of a Coastal State in Borneo"

2002: Lecture about Sandokan at the fan meeting with Kabir Bedi in Fulda

2002/03: trip to Malaysia, completion of research on Syarif Osman

2003: Obtaining the doctorate through the book publication "Marudu 1845 - The Destruction and Reconstruction of a Coastal State in Borneo"

2003: Lecture at the Salgari Congress in Turin

2005: Another article published on Sandokan

2011: On the occasion of Emilio Salgari's anniversary year, resumption of research in various areas

2012: Publication of an article about Syarif Osman in "Sabah Society Journal"

2013: Publication of an article about Mompracem in "Oriente Moderno"

2017: Lecture on the historical background of Salgaris Sandokan at an international Salgari conference in Bremen

2018: Trip to Sabah / Malaysia

2019: Trip to Malaysia: Pulau Kapas (location of the film "Sandokan" from 1976), Labuan / Keraman (Mompracem) and Kinabatangan as well as lectures about Syarif Osman from Marudu in Kota Kinabalu / Sabah Society (18.7.19), in Pinatawai (22.7.19) and in Kota Marudu (23.7.2019)

2019: Kabir Bedi honored for his life's work at the 8th Cineway Festival in Wolfsburg, participation

2022: Lecture "I riferimenti etnografici di Emilio Salgari in 'Le Tigri di Mompracem'" on December 2nd, 2022 in the library Civica di Verona within the lecture series "Ondas do Mar - Viaggi e Viaggiatori".

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