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Sandokan ist known as a hero in some TV-series. Nevertheless, he has only been on TV or cinema-films because of the Italian author Emilio Salgari who was written many novels on Sandokan. Some people are convinced that Emilio Salgari has invented Sandokan, but that is not true: Sandokan has really existed!

Here you can find information on the real, the "historical" Sandokan, on his island Mompracem, on Emilio Salgari and his novel-cycle on Sandokan (Ciclo dei Pirati della Malesia), on the many Sandokan-films, on Syarif Osman, the leader of Marudu Bay who was a compagnion of the historical Sandokan, and finally on me, too. Please do not click on the menu above, because that leads to the content in German. Please select from the content listed so far below!

The information, which is published on this page, is based on my research work on Sandokan, so please do not copy anything from this page without asking me!

If you want to ask me anything in connection with Sandokan, please use the following e-mail: Bianca [at]

Dr. Bianca Maria Gerlich

7th January, 2021

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Shooting of the new "Sandokan" film postponed again - the film will not be released until 2023 at the earliest!

Filming should actually start in October 2021, so the new Sandokan film could air this year (2022). But nothing will come of that, because the shooting has been postponed, initially to February 2022, but now more likely to May 2022. This means that the film could be shown at the time of the Sanremo Festival in Italy at the beginning of February 2023.

The film will likely be shown on Rai, but it could be Mediaset (Canale 5) or a streaming service like netflix. 8 episodes of 50 minutes each are planned. The Turk Can Yaman, who plays the main role, has already prepared intensively for the role last year. Yanez will be played by the Italian Luca Argentero. Marianna will probably be designed very modern, another female lead is also planned. It remains exciting!

New book by and about Kabir Bedi - his life in 7 chapters!

Kabir Bedi published a book in 2021, namely: "Stories I must tell - The Emotional Life of an Actor"!

Read the review here!


50 years ago today, the two Italians Giuglio Raiola and Rolando Jotti erected the memorial stone on Mompracem in honor of Emilio Salgari. With the help of scientists in Brunei, they had previously discovered that the island of Kuraman (Keraman) was formerly called Mompracem. So Sandokan's island had been found again! They drove to the island, which is near Labuan, and created a memorial stone that was there at least two years ago. I saw it there in 1998, 2000 and 2019. For more information follow that link: Mompracem / memorial stone!

Anniversary of the Battle of Marudu - 176 years ago today

On August 19, 1845, the Battle of Marudu took place in northern Borneo. Syarif Osman of Marudu had to fight the British invaders who had sailed into Marudu Bay with 9 ships. He lost and the kingdom of Marudu fell. According to oral tradition, Sandokan was also among the defenders. The pictures on the right are from the ship's doctor E. Cree, who took part in the battle.

For Emilio Salgari, who has written eleven novels about Sandokan and his followers, this battle - namely the loss of Sandokan's homeland - is the reason why he henceforth fights the European colonialists on the seas - his basis is the island of Mompracem, where he flies the same tiger flag as the historical Syarif Osman in Marudu.

JUNE 2021

Rare Sandokan film now available!

"Le Tigri di Mompracem" from 1974 can now be seen here: - ​​in Italian of course, but absolutely worth seeing! The time of Emilio Salgari is presented, plus readings from his novel "Le Tigri di Mompracem" with scenes - like in the theater. This film is a real rarity and has been shown via teche rai since June 16, 2021!

Announcement: SANDOKAN - EXHIBITION in ROME !!!

"In Sandokan's World -

Tribute to Emilio Salgari"

Exhibition "Nel Mondo di Sandokan - Tributo a Emilio Salgari" in the Museum Muciv (Museo delle Civiltà) in Rome later this year!

Click here for more information!

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Sandogat - the parody on Sandokan !

Did you already know the parody of the film "Sandokan" (1976, with Kabir Bedi), namely "SANDOGAT" (also from 1976)?

More info here:

Homage to the Parody


Casting roles in the remake of "Sandokan":

Sandokan: Can Yaman, Marianna: Alessandra Mastronardi, Yanez: Luca Argentero

Kabir Bedi sais about Can Yaman:

While the expectation for the reboot grows, Kabir Bedi - the Sandokan par excellence, never forgotten in the title role of the drama - has just made an important endorsement through an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni. “I always thought that Sandokan had to be redone with modern special effects. I'm sure Can Yaman will be a worthy successor. I can't wait to see him in this new incarnation ", his words. Today 75, Kabir is proud to have played that immortal character: "The Italy that made me immortal, thanks to Sandokan: it is an iconic role, a symbol of courage and freedom. But I was also lucky enough to play different parts to show my ability “. (



Kabir Bedi celebrates his 75th birthday today! wishes him all the best, good luck and above all good health!

16th January, 2021

Remake of Sandokan

In 2021 the filming of a remake TV of "Sandokan" should take place. It will be shot as a series for Italian TV, but it's an international project, so hopefully the series will be shown in other countries, too.

Sandokan is played by the Turkish actor Can Yaman (photo), Yanez by the Italian actor Luca Argentero. According to Macher, the role of Marianna is to be expanded compared to the old versions, it will go in the direction of Amazon or pirate bride, there should be quite a bit of action. The content is only largely based on the original by Salgari, which is a pity. If the table of contents is to be believed, elements from various Sandokan films appear. Alessandro Sermoneta and Davide Lantieri wrote the scripts.

Can Yaman