Pictures of my Sandokan-stations

Rome 1985

I finally got the Sandokan novels in the original Italian text

Marudu 1992

The first time - with my brother Marco - at the place in Marudu, where Syarif Osman's fortress with the tiger flag once stood

Marudu 1993

That day I learned of the existence of the historical Sandokan on the grounds of the fortress of Syarif Osman

Verona 1994

Flowers and an "Ave Maria" for Emilio Salgari
visit to the Verona cemetery

Kuching 1993

Participation as "International guest of honor" in the celebration of Malaysia's national holiday - TV recording

Kuching 1993

My contribution for TV on the occasion of the Malaysian national day
in the clothes of the Orang Ulu (Sarawak)

Marudu 1995

With my parents in Marudu on the river Langkon
(Bianca, Irene und Horst Gerlich)

Sandakan 1997

Interview in the house of the Galpam familiy concerning the genealogy of Sandokan

Marudu 1997

Interview with the mayor

Kudat 1997

Interview with the sultan's son (Sulu)

Sandakan 1998

Buffet in the house of the Galpam family
(here: Horst & Irene Gerlich)

Mompracem 2000

Bianca next to the Salgari memorial stone