Emilio Salgari's CV

21 August 1862: he was born in Verona,

his father: Luigi Salgari (from Verona, a merchant)

the mother: Luigia Gradara (from Venice)

1878: he studied at the Royal Technical and Nautical Institute "P. Sarpi" in Venice, he sailed the coasts of the Adriatic for three months aboard the Italia Una ship. But he doesn't finish his studies.

1883: journalist of the newspaper "La Viligia" in Milan,

afterwards editor of the newspaper "La Nuova Arena" in Verona. Here he serialized his novel "The Tiger of Malaysia", the first work of his Cycle of Pirates of Malaysia.

1884: serialized "La Favorita del Mahdi" (written in 1877)

1885: duel with a colleague of the weekly "L'Adige"

1887: published the first book "La Favorita del Mahdi"

1889: suicide of his father.

January 30, 1892: he married Ida Peruzzi (theater actress), he moved to Turin.

1892: birth of daughter Fatima (Fatima was studying singing and it seemed almost a promise, but she did not have time to give a few concerts, she died in 1915 of tuberculosis).

1894: birth of his son Nadir (ex-Libyan war officer, wounded seven times, decorated with a medal for military valor, dies in 1936 in a motorcycle accident).

1892 - 1898: published about thirty works (under contract with the publisher Speirani)

1897: he was awarded the title of "Knight of the Crown of Italy" by Umberto I

1898: birth of his son Romero (militant in the Arditi, in the Great War he earns two wounds and a silver medal for military valor, but in a fit of madness he tries to kill his wife and son and commits suicide in 1931).

1898: worked with the publisher Antonio Donath (initially in Genoa, then again in Turin)

1899: published "Il Corsaro Nero"

1900: birth of his son Omar (in the Great War he remains invalid, and spends his life in editorial operations aimed at safeguarding his father's memory, married late, in 1963 he throws himself from the balcony of his Turin house).

1904: he founded the weekly "Per Terra e per Mare", he led until 1906.

1906: passed to the publisher Bemporad.

1903: his wife began to show signs of madness, the debts that he was forced to contract in order to pay for the treatment multiplied. The contracts required her to write three books a year.

1910: he attempts suicide for the first time

1911: Emilio was forced to have his wife hospitalized in an asylum dave Ida died on 1st October 1922.

April 25, 1911: suicide (harakiri) in the morning, they find him the following morning in a ravine in the S. Martino valley (Turin).

To his sons Omar, Nadir, Romero and Fatima he wrote: « Sono un vinto: non vi lascio che 150 lire, più un credito di altre 600 che incasserete dalla signora... » ("I am a loser: I leave you only 150 lire, plus a credit of another 600 that you will collect from the lady ...")

In thirty years he wrote more than eighty works and a hundred short stories.

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